In the past few decades, we have been told by the nutritionists to eat more carbohydrates and less fat. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has designed the “food pyramid” that recommends a diet that is low in pork, fish and poultry, and high in pasta, bread and cereals.
Following the government’s advice, fat consumption has gone down by 17.5%, but at the same time the calories available in the food we consume have gone up, from 3,100 calories per capita per day in the 1960s to 3,700 in the 1990s, according to the USDA. Currently more than one in two American adults could be classified as overweight and m
ore than one in four-as obese. Introduction of new fat-free products and food additives has, paradoxically, made the obesity problem worse. What’s even more disturbing is that literally thousands of people get seriously ill every year from eating diet food.

Approximately 3,000 different chemicals as food preservatives, stabilizers, flavor enhancers, and artificial dyes are added to our food, and with only one paramount purpose -to extend its shelf life. Some of them are neutral or even beneficial to our health, like natural vitamins and minerals added to juices, but many are simply toxic. They contribute to and cause cancer, allergies, depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, birth defects, chronic fatigue, obesity and countless other diseases and illnesses labeled by today medicine as incurable or difficult to treat. Interestingly enough, the same companies that produce toxic chemicals that poison us also produce prescription drugs and an astounding variety of over-the-counter painkillers to ease the pain or alleviate the symptoms of illnesses the very same chemicals trigger.

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires careful evaluation of all chemical substances intended for human intake-should it be a new diet pill or an artificial color in a lollipop-before their release to the public. These studies are intended to determine their potency and any adverse reactions. In reality, however, the chemicals found in our foodstuff and drugs undergo little or no testing for chronic, low level exposures and for chronic health effects. Majority of tests used by companies to verify safety of a specific chemical are conducted on animals. The idea that a test or operation done on an animal will show results that are directly translatable to humans is plainly ridiculous.  Due to irreconcilable anatomical, physiological and psychological differences between animals and human beings, the results of animal tests cannot be applied to humans with any degree of confidence. This can be evidently illustrated in many ways; here are just a few:

  • It is accepted that animal tests are successful in identifying cancer-causing agents in only 37% of cases. This means, in effect, that the results of the tests are more times wrong than right and are significantly statistically worse than tossing a coin.
  • Usually, the animals on which new drugs are tested are relatively healthy before the experiment. It means that disease and/or trauma has to be induced by violent and artificial means. This bears no relation whatsoever, to the spontaneous ways in which humans develop illness, often through a faulty lifestyle and diet. For example, consider the case of osteoarthritis, a human degenerative disease resulting in grotesque and painful deformities of the joints. How do researchers attempt to mimic human lameness in dogs, cats, sheep and pigs? Joints are beaten with hammer blows, injected with irritating liquids, subjected to ionizing radiation and/or dislocated. It is obvious that the resulting fractures, hemorrhages, thromboses, contusions and inflammation bear no relation to human osteoarthritis, which is a local manifestation of a generalized illness of the collagen. Drugs tested on such artificially diseased non-human animals cannot possibly yield results relevant to a spontaneous, naturally occurring human disease’. [1]
  • Two grams of scopolamine kill a human being, but dogs and cats can stand hundred times higher dosages. A single Aminata phalloides mushroom can wipe out a whole human family, but it’s healthy for the rabbit, one of the favourite laboratory animals. Chloramphenicol damages the blood-producing bone marrow in humans, but in no other animal. A porcupine can eat one lump without discomfort as much opium as a human addict smokes in two weeks, and wash it down with as much prussic acid to poison a regiment of soldiers. Arsenic kills humans but is harmless to sheep, guinea pigs, chickens and monkeys. Morphine, which calms and anaesthetizes man, causes maniacal excitement in cats and mice. On the other hand our sweet almond can kill foxes, our common parsley is poisonous to parrots, and our revered penicillin strikes another favourite laboratory animal dead – the guinea pig. Digitalis that is used to lower blood pressure in humans dangerously raises the blood pressure of dogs. Many common laboratory animals such as dogs, cats, rats, hamsters and mice, do not require dietary intake of vitamin C. This is because their bodies produce it of their own accord. However, if you deprive humans, guinea pigs and some primates of dietary vitamin C they will die of scurvy. [2][3] These examples clearly show that there is no true correlation between different species, at least in terms of reactions to various chemical substances.

If such evaluation methods are so inaccurate and uncertain why then do pharmaceutical or chemical (which are often one and the same) companies rely on them for testing the products? The answer is simple. If chemicals were tested properly using true scientific methods, such as in vitro cultures of human cells and properly carried out human clinical trials, the vast majority of them would not be approved for marketing because their harmfulness and ineffectiveness would be all too apparent. As a result the tainted and often completely fabricated trial results are submitted to the FDA where they are analyzed by a team of experts, and without much hesitation approved for sale.

Basically, most of the FDA’s tests are just a pure formality since more than half of the experts hired to advise the FDA on the safety and effectiveness of medication have proven financial relationships with the pharmaceutical companies. The experts are supposed to be independent, but USA TODAY found that 54% of the time, they have a direct financial interest in the drug or topic they are asked to evaluate. These conflicts include helping a pharmaceutical company develop a medicine, then serving on an FDA advisory committee that judges the drug. [4]

The implications of such dishonest practices to the American public are enormous.  According to the Journal of the American Medical Association [5] conventional medicine kills approximately 250,000 Americans per year. That includes 106,000 (about 300 per day) deaths from negative side effects of properly prescribed and properly administrated drugs.

 No one knows exactly how many people become seriously ill or die from FDA-approved toxic substances in our food, clothing, furniture, bedding, paper, food storage containers, building materials, pillow feathers, pillow covers, inks, mattresses, cosmetics, carbonless paper, fragrances, tampons and thousands of other every-day products we use. We are literally submerged in toxins-we breath them, eat them, drink them and wear them, and they slowly accumulate in our bodies. When we get sick from them, our illness is routinely misdiagnosed by our medical doctor and we spend many thousands of dollars on useless operations, hospitals and more drugs to fight our new malady.This way we, the patients, are the main propeller of the vicious circle of constant demand and endless supply, from which the pharmaceutical companies derive colossal profit.

“The thing that bugs me is that people think the Food and Drug Administration is protecting them — it isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it’s doing are as different as night and day.”–Dr. Herbert L. Ley, former Commissioner of the FDA

The FDA’s history is one of ineffectiveness, deception, corruption and the continuous striving for more power. Did you know that:

·         The FDA prohibits Americans from access to thousands of safe-and effective drugs and nutrients that are not FDA-approved, and that the FDA uses illegal, unconstitutional, brute force tactics to destroy those who dare to challenge its authority? [6]

·         The AMA/FDA have succeeded in making it illegal for any licensed MD to treat cancer with any therapy other than chemo, radiation, or surgery. Thus, any treatment that addresses the source of the cancer (or any other disease) is quickly ruled illegal by the FDA (except for in California)? [7]

·         The FDA wants effectively to ban any health-care organization from providing doctors or patients with information about specific drugs without first getting the agency’s approval?

·         The FDA’s wants to be able to fine Internet pharmacies $500,000 every time they dispense a drug without a prescription authorized by the agency? [8]

Even if your open-minded doctor knew about the benefits of alternative medicine he wouldn’t risk his career and prescribe for you an herbal or a nutritional supplement (other than prenatal vitamins or calcium) or anything but drugs and surgery. “Mainstream” doctors are taught that there are hundreds of medications specifically designed to ease the symptoms of your disease and that the symptoms are the disease. Unfortunately for us all almost every medical treatment available in the USA treats only the symptoms and rarely addresses the cause of the problem (with the exception of antibiotic treatments).

Hans Ruesch, the author of a book Naked Empress – the Great Medical Fraud accurately explains the origin of tragic ignorance and overwhelming paralysis of the medical world:

“With most of the world’s major drug companies under its control the Rockefeller organization, since the early part of this century, has been the largest single private source of funding for medical science and education in the western world. The aim of this lavish funding for our education is to produce a curriculum designed to indoctrinate students with beliefs favorable to the profits of the pharmaceutical-chemical industry. Only colleges and medical facilities that predicate the massive consumption of chemical drugs, “safety-tested” on animals, as the secret to health, are recipients of drug company largesse. Likewise, drug companies through ownership and advertising revenue exercise a dictatorial influence over the mass media as they do also upon party politicians through ‘donations’. Meanwhile, doctors who heal by inexpensive natural means, thereby threatening pharmaceutical profits, are decried as quacks, driven out of the country or into jail.” [9]

Perhaps the most revealing point, however, is that the founder of the Rockefeller dynasty, John D Rockefeller, lived in excellent health to the age of 98 as did his son John D. Jr., who died aged 86. What was their secret to a long healthy life? Both attributed this to a frugal diet of natural food, the advice of a homeopathic doctor only, and the complete avoidance of synthetic drugs! [10]

In the light of the above facts contemplating employing more natural healing methods of achieving good health or at least partially avoiding allopathic medicine seems to be only prudent.

Don’t get me wrong; this book’s aim is to show you “the light in a tunnel”, not to entirely divert you from western medicine. After all, it is indispensable when it comes to treating non-viral and parasitic infections, benign growths, some cancers, and vitamin/ mineral deficiency state.It is also proficient at repairing structural damage or defects, and of keeping people alive during medical emergencies.

However, it fails completely at treating hundreds of seemingly easily curable diseases such as obesity. Not only all developed up-to-date anti-obesity drugs disappoint due to their side effects (as it was in an infamous case of the lethal fen-phen), but also their overall effectiveness as drugs designed to lower and then maintain the weight at a satisfactory level and without prolonged usage is questionable.

In the course of this book I will explain why people who lose weight via dieting and diet drugs often end up weighing a good deal more than people of similar initial weight who never diet, and why being fat, in and of itself, is not necessarily bad for you.  I will show you how just a couple of ridiculously simple tricks can make you not only lose weight but get rid of hundreds of ailments, you thought of as incurable or difficult to treat. I will give you details on number of FDA-approved toxic substances in our food and drink to be avoided and reveal which weight loss aids are truly effective and which are just hype. For some of you who lead a sedentary life I’ll even have a one, exceptional, diet aid that will make you lose weight without lifting a finger.

Lets start with taking a closer look at the one of the fundamentals of weight management-the fundamentally flawed Food Pyramid.

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